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A Comprehensive History of the Indian Post Through the Ages
by B S Bhatnagar, 10 Volumes, Hardbound with Jacket,
2000+ pages, Extremely Limited Number Edition

Encyclopaedia of Early Indian Cancellations
and Postmarks 1852-1900
by Kishor S Chandak & P G Bhargave
2019, 660 A4 color pages, Hardbound
6,000 | US$ 140 
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Ikanni Tales: A Study of the One Anna
Lithographed Label of 1854-55
by Gautam Rohatgi, 2019
 348 A4 color pages, Hardbound
Rs 2,500 | US$ 95
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Indian Stamps Booklets
by Madhukar Deogawanka, 2019
154 Large (34.5 x 24 cms) size color pages,  Hardbound, + Price List,  8 A5 pages, Softbound
Rs 4,500 | US$ 122
Express Post Delivery Worldwide

India 1929 Air Mail Stamps:
A Study of Constant Varieties
by Rohit Prasad

5,000 | US$ 100
Express Post Delivery Worldwide

India 1935 Silver Jubilee Stamps
by Nick Levinge & Rohit Prasad

5,000 | US$ 100
Express Post Delivery Worldwide

Sikh Heritage Through Stamps by Ranjit Singh, Hardbound with jacket,
₹950 | US$

Gandhi Handbook
Publisher's Price 1.500
1,500 | US$ 50

Indian Antarctic Expedition
Philatelist's Guide
by Abhai Mishra

1,500 | 50

A Story of Gautam Buddha as Told Through Postage Stamps

by Binod Shrestha, 150 all color art paper A4, Softbound, ₹950

A Philatelic Tribute to Police of India and the Sub-Continent by Sidney Kitson
Limited Stock

₹3,500 | US$75

Catalogue of Errors on
Stamps of Modern India
by Mrinal Kanti Roy
600 | USD 25

Postal Stationery of British India
by Pratisad Neurgaonkar

A Guide to Modern Indian Postal Stationery, 1947-2003
Vol.-I, (Envelopes)
600 | US$ 25

Specialized Catalogue of Modern Indian Stamps 1947 - To Date (1982) by Dr S P Gupta, Softbound, ₹1,500

Stanley Gibbons
 India Stamp Catalogue

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Collector's Guide to First
Day Covers & Folders of
India 1947-1964
116 A4 color pages softbound

₹600 | US$25

Collector's Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India with Set of Stamps, Se-Tenant Stamps & Miniature Sheets

200 A4 Color pages Softbound ₹1,100 | US$35

Collector's Guide to British India Bazar Postcards - Edwardian & Georgian Period

240 all color pages, Softbound, ₹1,500 | US$40

The Scinde Dawks & Lithographs of India by D E Wadia, Softbound,
₹1,500 | US$ 35


Postal History of Portuguese India
by Umesh Kakkeri, 2003,
₹1,500 | 

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