India 1929 Air Mail Stamps:
A Study of Constant Varieties

a new path-breaking work by Rohit Prasad

Result of 6 years of painstaking study
through tens of thousands of stamps. While the Stanley Gibbons catalogues 3 varieties, this book documents 106 constant varieties in
India’s first Air Mail stamps.

300 Pages, A4 all color
art paper, hardbound
Limited edition of 500 copies

Published &
Distributed worldwide by

Stamps of India Private Limited

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USD 100 post-paid worldwide

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The book is divided in two parts and has a chapter each on India’s First Air Mail Stamps, Understanding Varieties, and the Recorded Varieties. In addition the book has a bonus chapter on 1911 Air Mail flight which introduced air mail to the world. The section II of the book opens with the User Guide and goes on to illustrate106 New Constant Varieties in next 233 pages.

To determine that a variety is neither an oddity nor a freak but is constant, a minimum of three examples of each variety have been shown. This might be 3 stamps, 3 covers or a combination thereof. In some cases additional examples of stamps have been shown where the stamp with variety is in one stamp on a strip or block. Wherever available, additional number of covers with variety has been shown. This is with a view to mark and approximate the period of usage of a particular variety. As air mail stamps were definitive in nature and printed in multiple print runs, the dates on used stamps and covers give some idea of the period in which the particular variety was produced.

The author has charted the varieties in a grid format where the varieties start from Top left to right of the stamp, goes down to the Middle left to right of the stamp and finally Bottom left to right of the stamp. This makes it easier for a collector to locate his variety in the book for identification as well as for those eureka moments of discovering hitherto unrecorded ones.