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Philatelic literature is an essential tool for both the collector, and the dealer. Most  collectors often are unaware that published works exist for their areas of interest. It would be safe to venture the opinion that very few philatelists are cognizant of the total spectrum of authoritative references available for their study.

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Although there are a number of philatelic literature dealers worldwide, we would suggest that the following would be able to source the requirements of all philatelists. Everyone has their own specialty areas but, in all likelihood, could supply any published philatelic work. You are invited to visit these Web Sites - you just may locate that elusive reference work   ...

Philatelic Bibliopole | James Bendon | H H Sales | Vera Trinder | Phil Bansner  

Pennymead | James E Lee | Valeria Vaccari | John Jamieson | Subway

American Philatelic Research Library


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