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India 1929 Air Mail Stamps:
A Study of Constant Varieties
by Rohit Prasad

Rs 5000 | US$ 100

Indian Antarctic Expedition
Philatelist's Guide
by Abhai Mishra

Rs 1500 | Euro 50

Postal Stationery of British India
1856-1947 by Pratisad Neurgaonkar

Rs 700 | US$ 25

A Guide to Modern Indian Postal Stationery, 1947-2003
Vol.-I, (Envelopes)
Rs 550 | US$ 25 Postpaid

Catalogue of Errors on
Stamps of Modern India
by Mrinal Kanti Roy
Rs 600 | USD 25

Stanley Gibbons
 India Stamp Catalogue

Rs 750
Gandhi Handbook
Publisher's Price 1.500
33% Off Now

Rs 1,000 | US$ 40

Collector's Guide to First Day Covers & Folders of India 1947-1964
116 A4 color pages softbound

Rs 550 | US$ 25 Postpaid

Year Book of Indian Philately 2009 by Madan Middha

Postal History of Portuguese India
by Umesh Kakkeri, 2003,

Decimalisation Redefined - Postal History Perspective by A K Bayanwala, 2007, €  11

A Bouquet of Philatelic Articles by A K Bayanwala, 2005, Contents, 124 pages, Illustrated, HB, €20

Stamp Collecting Today
by Sangeeta Deogawanka, 2005, Special Price € 5