By Madhukar and Savita Jhingan

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Pakistan Overprints on Indian Stamps 1948-49 by D R Martin, 1959

— revised by U A Isani, 2nd edition, 1974

Pakistan Overprints on Indian Stamps and Postal Stationery 1947-49

by R Doubleday & U A Isani, 1994

25 years of Philately in Pakistan

by S R Ahmed, 1972

Pakistan 1947-48 Machine Overprints on Indian Stamps

by Morgan Juhl, Part 1, not published, Part 2, Service Stamps & Service Postcards, 1978

Stamps of Pakistan, Decimal Currency Surcharges

by U A Isani, 1981

Postal Stationery of Pakistan 1947 - 1995

by F A Sundal & R Kasbati, 1996

Gulf Post: The Story of the Post in the Gulf

By Mahbub Jamal Zahedi, 199

Fifty Years of Pakistan Stamps

By Mahbub Jamal Zahedi, 1997



Hobby Stamps

Khwaja Zafar Abbas Ahmad Nizami

Stamp Collecting , The Noblest of all Hobbies, in 3 volumes

Aleem Sundal

Daak ke Tiket Jama Karna

(Collecting Postage Stamps)

Akhtarul Islam Siddiqui,

Tikto ka Album

(Stamp Album, Its Arrangement and Significance)

Saifuddin & Mohammad Azim

Raddi Tiket mein Daulat ka Ambar

(Store of Wealth of in Used Stamps)


Daak Ke Tiket kis tarah Jama kiye jaye

(How to Collect Postage Stamps)

Masood Azmi

Tiket Jama Karna

(Collecting Stamps)

Masood Azmi

Kaghazi Parhen

(Paper )

Aleem Sundal



Sharif Qureshi, 1964

Sidhwa’s Catalogue, Pakistan Stamps, Errors & Varieties, 1947-78

by R S Sidhwa, 1978

Pakistan Postage Stamps 1947-60

by P & T Department, 1960

— 2nd edition, 1969

— 1961-62

— 1963

— 1964

— 1965

— 1966


Further issues?

Pakistan Postage Stamp Catalogue

by P & T Department, 1979?


Any supplements to the above?

Pakstampage Catalogue

by Akhtarul Islam Siddiqui, Chief Editor, 1st edition, 1965

— 2nd edition,

— 3rd edition,

— 4th edition, 1980


Details on in between editions and the change of name

Collect Pakistan Postage Stamps

—15 th edition, 1992

— 16 th edition,

17 th edition, 1996



Popular’s Pakistan Postage Stamp Catalogue

by A Latif Rashid, Compiler, 1st edition, 1982

— 2nd edition,

3rd edition, in color, 1986

M I Choudhary, Lahore,




The Pakistan Philatelist

Publisher: A S Dominic, 1948, Monthly

12 issues

Pakistan Stamps Monthly

Lahore, 1959?,

Last issue: July 1967/8

Pakistan Stamps

Publisher: Usman Khitani, Karachi

6 issues

Orient Way

Publisher: Orient Philatelic International

The Philatelic News

Publisher: Brothers International Philatelic, 1970, Quetta,

1 issue?


Publisher: International Correspondence Service

The Pakistan Stamp Journal

Publisher: Pakistan Philatelic Association, Lahore,

6 issues (in Urdu & English)


Publisher: Mahboob, in Urdu,

2 years


1964, in Urdu, Chittagong, M Azmi, editor

only 2 issues published

Stamp Connection

Publisher: Qaim Hussain Naqvi, 1987 July – 1992, Monthly


Shahid Ahmad Zaki, Karachi Stamp Club, Karachi


The Stamp Society of Pakistan

1985 Jan – 1987 Apr


Pakistan Philatelic Society, 1987 Dec – current,

M A J Stamp Bulletin

Mohammad Ali Jahangir

4 issues

The Stamp Collector

Peshawar Stamp Society, 1991 July - , Bi-Monthly


Pakistan Post Office, 1991, Monthly


Pakistan Post Office, 1991, Bi-Annual


Pakistan Study Group, New York, USA, 1960 May – 1969,


Exhibition Souvenirs

Stamp Exhibition

1950 onwards annually organsied by Pakistan Philatelic Association till ?

Stamp Exhibition

1961, February 12-?, Lahore by organsied by Pakistan Philatelic Association

First International Stamp Exhibition in East Pakistan

1962, Dacca

Second International Stamp Exhibition

1963, Mar 23- ?, Dacca

First International Stamp Exhibition

1964,April 17-22, Karachi, organised by Stamp Society of Pakistan

by A N Meghani, editor

Prize Distribution of the First International Stamp Exhibition

1964,April 29, Karachi

Ecophilex 86

1986, Islamabad




Auction Catalogues


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