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Part 73, Issue # 173 - June 17, 2004

This newsletter is neither a tool for self promotion nor a tool to settle personal scores for anyone. This column received contributions, encouragement and support from all corners and that has helped.

The subscribers list of this newsletter is very diverse and has been growing since inception. All individual members of the Philatelic Congress of Indiaís governing council including its past presidents are also on this list. Those who put in specific request for unsubscribing are removed from the subscribers list. The subscription to this newsletter is not based on an individualís loyalty and there is no discrimination. This is a free newsletter and is emailed for free and can be downloaded for free from the website.

Readers have been requested on a number of occasions to write their comments, feedback, and rejoinders on the news and views published in here. However no one from the governing council of Philatelic Congress of India has taken the trouble to share their views on public platforms. But they do spend considerable effort to circulate misinformation, half-truths, and outright untruths in a clandestine manner.

From Issue # 58 - March 28, 2002, since the first publication of this column, we have received only one negative comment (from a non-resident Indian) and the same has been published in full.

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