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Part 72, Issue # 171 - June 3, 2004

It all began in November 1976 when soon after its inception Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) became a member of International Philatelic Federation (FIP). In fact the PCI was formed for this purpose only. However today, PCI does not even have a valid registered office which is the basic requirement under the law for a society incorporated under the Societies Registration Act; this is the status since last 8 years.

PCI has also violated several other laws of the land on large number of occasions leading to filing of criminal proceedings and court cases against the organization and individuals controlling the organization.

An extract from the order of Parveen Kumar, the then Civil Judge, Delhi dated August 23, 2002 in one of the court cases pending against PCI seeking to declare the Memorandum of Association and the rules and regulations as null, void and not binding on its members and to ensure fair elections:
?Considering the facts and circumstances of this case I am of the opinion that at this stage it would not be proper to stay the elections which are scheduled to be held on 25th August 2002. However it will be in the interest of justice that the result of the elections should not be declared till the next date of hearing in this case. During the course of arguments, learned counsel for the plaintiff requested that elections be held under some Court Observer so that fair and impartial elections may take place. In my opinion the apprehension of the plaintiff is genuine. Therefore, I hereby appoint Shri Munish Gupta, Advocate, Chamber No. 126-127, western Wing, Tis Hazari, Delhi as Court Observer in the present case. Learned court observer shall see that the elections of Philatelic Congress of India at Rajasthan Mahila Mandal, Fojate Street, Cross Lane, Opp. Saibaba Mandir, Mumbai - 36 are held in a fair and impartial manner.?

On the other hand PCI in their various submissions has stated that they are without a governing council since August 25, 2002. Meanwhile there is no officer appointed to conduct the business of PCI on their behalf. This is also mentioned in the Editorial in the ?Signet? their quarterly journal, Vol. 26 Issue 1 dated April-June 2003:
?Governing Council of the PCI is unable to function because of operation of a stay order on the last elections held in Mumbai?

Besides the above case there are two more court cases against PCI currently pending in court. These pertain to wayward judging and organizing of philatelic exhibitions in India; not honoring the decision of the AGM in 2001 that newly crated states in India shall be represented in the PCI governing council yet it was ignored in the elections in 2002.

The country?s premier investigating agency CBI has registered a case against Dilip Shah for smuggling of antiquities while similar charges are under consideration against M G Pittie, S Sahoo, A R SInghee and others. Police complaints for criminal activities against B K Sinha (Secretary of PCI) are also pending. Many more such cases may come up against PCI now that the philatelists of India are aware of the continuous wrongdoing of PCI and its officers.

All the above has not deterred Dilip Shah, who is falsely and illegally acting as the President of the PCI. He was ?President-Elect? till August 24, 2002 and according to the rules & regulations of the PCI was to automatically take over as the President in the succeeding meeting after the elections where Sahoo would have become the immediate past president and would have continued in the governing council for the next two years. However no meeting of PCI general body or the governing council has taken place since last 2 years hence Shah can not claim himself to be the president.

Yet PCI is still continuing to send their own men and women as jurors and commissioners to exhibitions abroad in violations of the laws of the land and those of FIP and FIAP, with impunity. Even the participants are selected from the recognized sycophants, favor seekers, hangers-on and owners of unqualified exhibits showing Indian philately in very poor light.

PCI is still indulging in activities which in normal course no organization would even dream of when the matter is sub-judice. All efforts to put the affairs of PCI in order have been frustrated. M G Pittie led coterie of a few individuals better known as ?P Company? that wants to control the affairs of PCI treat it as their private property. These people don?t care about spoiling the image of the Philatelists of India for their own vested interests. PCI?s erstwhile Treasurer, Damyanti Pittie who is a close relative of M G Pittie has spent huge amount of PCI money since August 25, 2002 in an unauthorized manner.

PCI records have not been accessible to the membership and no minutes have been circulated of meetings after April 28, 2002. However this does not deter PCI from publishing and circulating a hoard of lies in their publication ?Signet? not only against those who don?t tow their line but against India Post as well. This is also the subject matter of Contempt Of Court proceedings pending against them.

The above is an internal matter for Indians yet it affects the standing of Indians in the International philatelic arena. Hence an appeal to all member federations of FIP, FIAP and all organizers of exhibition under FIP or FIAP patronage to take cognizance of the facts above and not honor any appointment by Dilip Shah and/or any one else on behalf of PCI without the approval of the courts in India.

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