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Part 70, Issue # 159 - March 11, 2004

By Dr Avinash B Jagtap
After having spent about five months in India I came back to Switzerland. During my stay I had an occasion to meet budding philatelists, school boys and girls in Viman Nagar Air force High School in Pune. Here relatively large scale philatelic displays were organized by Mrs Parab, the Principal of the school and I was invited as a Jury. The enthusiasm of the children was enormous. I remembered my childhood days! I had helped many of these children to build their own thematic collections and arrange their displays. I felt that my help did produce results.

I also had an occasion to meet and consult elderly philatelists, who had already displayed at district and national levels and they expressed their wish that I may give them some fruitful ideas and tell them some thing new from the philatelic world in Europe. One of the philatelists had asked me to bring some philatelic materials, which could add substantially to his collection and enable him to get higher awards. So I had with me besides stamps, also stamp booklets, miniature sheets, postal stationery, maximum cards, etc. Some items I had were from Czechoslovakia and Germany, as my friends from this part had given me to show to my friend. To my great surprise my philatelic friend flatly refused to accept the so-called Picture Cards ("Bildkarten" in German), which had been officially sold by many European Countries, like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium etc) where the lefthand half of a post card is printed with a colorful photograph of places.

I have no idea how the judges or juries at the exhibitions in India are trained, if they have to undergo certain "examinations" or tests and how badly it could influence the performance of enthusiastic exhibitors at home and at the international level. I am sure many Indian exhibitors must have gone through experiences, which would have marred their interest in exhibiting their displays. I feel there should be written regulations, regarding the way how a thematic exhibit is to be evaluated, what materials can be exhibited and which others should not be shown, what are the "model" procedures of exhibiting, the space devoted for write up, etc.

I expect that many thematic collectors will surely like to know what is wrong with our judges and juries at the philatelic exhibitions.

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