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Part 67, Issue # 155 - February 12 2004

Mafatlal Sheth, well known professional philatelist & member of the Philatelic Advisory Committee of Government of India commented on the previous issue of this column, as follows:

?I appreciate your remarks regarding illegal appointment of Damayanti Pittie and M G Pittie as Jurors at Hong Kong 2004 stamp exhibition. The fact that both Pities appointed themselves as Jurors illegally is terrible, they have no respect for laws and Rules and the fact that Jurors are both relatives make it more suspicious about their self appointment.

I feel at this point of time we have to act and this fact may be communicated in writing to: Ministry of Communication, Government of India, FIAP, FIP drawing their attention to the fact that appointments are illegal and in future no appointment from the Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) should be accepted as at the moment court cases are pending against them.

Also Hong Kong Postal Administration and other world Postal Authorities be now informed that at the moment there is no recognized national organization functioning in India and PCI is not legally in existence and PCI should be debarred in making any appointments which will prevent these people from appointing themselves as commissioners and Jurors.

I thank you for drawing attention to illegal activities being carried on by PCI officers.

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