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Part 65, Issue # 137 - October 9, 2003

The latest issue of Signet, the PCI's quarterly publication arrived sometime back and predictably continued to spread falsehood. It states that the "Governing Council of the PCI is unable to function because of operation of a stay order on the last elections held in Mumbai issued by hon'ble Shri Ajay Goel, Senior Civil Judge, Delhi Suit no. 654 of 2002 of Tis Hazari Courts in Madhukar Jhingan vrs Philatelic Congress of India. It is a civil litigation. Hearing of witnesses are continuing."

The truth is that the Civil Judge Praveen Kumar of the predecessor Court gave the order and not Ajay Goel who is the Civil Judge and not a Senior Civil Judge, and the Court in its order has not stayed the functioning of the PCI governing council!

The P Company that now controls the PCI does not want PCI Governing Council to function as it is enjoying unprecedented freedom, to spend large amounts of PCI funds, appoint pliable persons as national commissioners and jurors for international exhibitions without having to provide answers to any uncomfortable questions at the governing council or general body meetings.

The Court in its order did not ask PCI to stop holding meetings; the order was for the conduct of fair elections. However, it is with nefarious designs that the P Company has not allowed any meetings to happen since August 25, 2002. Nevertheless all members of the P Company are in touch with each other on a regular basis and their usual hanky panky for appointment of juries, commissioners and management of awards continues.

At the same time, the PCI has been falsely submitting that either no appointments have taken place or the appointments have been made "as usual on rotation basis". The truth is that in their entire existence, there never was any roster of Judges and Commissioners and these were and still are being doled out as rewards for services rendered to the P Company.

It appears that the P Company has used this Court Order to help them roam free from being responsible to members of the Governing Council and General Body, not that they were being responsible earlier. Now even that small pretext of half-heartedly maintaining some semblance of a public society has also disappeared.

This is the 2nd issue of Signet that does not carry the list of the PCI Governing Council members that was a permanent feature. Yet it mentions Damayanti Pittie's designation as Treasurer of PCI, twice, and Suketu Jhaveri's designation as Joint Treasurer of PCI. Only the incoming Governing Council has the mandate to elect Treasurer and Joint Treasurer under the PCI Constitution. As the same has never even met, how can there be any members declared as elected to any office?

Signet also mentions Sahoo's designation as Immediate Past President, but as per the circulated version of the PCI Constitution, he will not become the past president until "the succeeding meeting" and no meeting has taken place succeeding the meeting in which elections were held, over one year ago in August 2002.

The PCI is functioning under a strange dichotomy it claims to have Dilip Shah as President of PCI while he continues to sign documents submitted to various official agencies as Secretary General! Shah is the President when that is convenient and Secretary General when that is convenient.

Shah on behalf of PCI has also been submitting that the PCI has not held elections for life members on August 25, 2002; that only the tenure of a particular PCI Governing Council member ended on the day of the election; and that there is no governing council of PCI in existence.

Sahoo has submitted three different addresses as the registered address of the PCI and two of these addresses are out side the National Capital Territory of Delhi that violates the basic requirement under the law.

All law-abiding philatelists are ashamed of PCI's unlawful conduct.

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