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Part 64, Issue # 130 - August 21, 2003

We once again revisit INPEX-EMPIREPEX 2001, the last recognized national held at Nashik on December 2001 as new information has come to light.

We have covered in detail the flouting of all rules by the members of P Company in case of exhibitors, Rajesh Varma of Dehradun, Umesh Kakeri of Mumbai, and Pragya Kothari Jain (son of Pradip Jain) of Patna.

We also believed all along that it was only a tip of the proverbial ice berg and were not surprised when recently another exhibitor R K Sarawagi of Kolkata narrated to us his similar unfortunate experience of high-handedness and willful disregard of all rules by the P Company.

Sarawagi as one of the co-authors of 'History of Postal Communications in Mewar' entered it in the literature class. Vispi Dastur of P Company, who was the Coordinator for the show and Chairman of the Organizing Committee besides being Co-Chairman of the Jury, communicated acceptance of the entry and asked for the fees. Sarawagi submitted the fees and later found that his entry was excluded from judging and does not even appear in the list of participants. Sarawagi is still awaiting the refund of his fees, return of two copies of the book submitted, and an unconditional apology from the organizers.

We fail to understand how the kingpin of the P Company, omnipresent Pittie takes one decision as the Chairman of the Allotment Committee and reverses the same as the Chairman/Secretary of Jury with impunity year after year. None of his sycophant and subservient colleagues dare question him as they stand to loose perks such as foreign jaunts.

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