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Part 62, Issue # 126 - July 24, 2003

Vijay Seth from New Delhi sent the following message on July 15, 2003
"Your information in issue No. 124 - 'Bangladesh Celebrates Silver Jubilee Of National Association' should be an eye opener to Indian philatelists that a country which has just completed 32 years of its existence, has to its credit a National philatelic organization which is celebrating its silver Jubilee in 2003."

"We a country of over 1 billion people cannot even match a country of the size of West Bengal. If there is a will there is a way. It is a shame that our national body PCI is in no way interested in doing anything to promote philately since its birth in 1976."

"We all are loud mouths but when it comes to doing something practical, we are a very narrow minded lot of good for nothing fellows with no long term vision or ideas."

"It is high time all the like minded collectors of stamps in India who take it purely as a hobby (and not as a means of deceiving somebody) should get together to save this hobby."

"Otherwise it will only be confined to stamps collectors' individual albums and cupboards. Not sharing information or ideas will make it slowly die a natural death. It will be extinct like the Indian Cheetah in the coming years."

"The time to act for stamp collectors in India is now."

We wholly agree with Seth and have been advocating for the same for a long time now.

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