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Part 57, Issue # 116 - May 15, 2003

In part 55 we had commented in detail on Sahoo's editorial in Signet dated October 2002 - March 2003. Here we highlight another matter raised by Sahoo in the same issue.

On page 14 Sahoo inserts, in the otherwise verbatim reproduction of FIP Flash report regarding 'ESPANA 2002 World Philatelic Exhibition for Youth', "India did not participate because of non-cooperative attitude of the DDG (Philately) in the department of Posts, New Delhi."

We are surprised by Sahoo's attack on DDG (Philately) who heads the Philately division of the India Post at its national HQ in New Delhi. However he does not have his facts right as always. The facts are that one of yours truly was appointed national commissioner of this show on April 28, 2002 by the PCI governing council. PCI Secretary General, Dilip Shah mailed a letter of appointment to the organizing committee in Granada on May 10, 2002 with a copy to us and Sahoo. Immediately on receipt of this letter we wrote to Shah on May 14, 2002:

"This acknowledges the copy of your letter of May 10, 2002 regarding the Appointment of Commissioner for ESPANA 2002. I do have my doubts that when this letter will reach its destination, if ever, as you have not written the name of the country in the address. I suggest you send another copy of this letter with proper address to ESPANA 2002. Also please send the necessary intimation to the Philately Division, Department of Posts, New Delhi."

Copies of this letter were also sent to Sahoo, M G Pittie, and A R Singhee with a personal request to help Shah in expediting necessary action on his part.

Shah on May 24, 2002 sent another letter of appointment to the organizing committee with copy to us, Sahoo, and also to DDG (Philately) but again without adding the name of the country in the address and once again the incorrect telephone number. So the points raised in our letter were simply ignored except that a copy was also sent to India Post.

Meanwhile we had contacted the ESPANA 2002 organizing committee over email and published their response in the issue #66 of May 23, 2002 of this newsletter. The organizers wrote "We are sorry to inform you that the deadline for entry forms, as well as the inscription of National Commissioners, established by FIP, was surpassed on January 31st" (2002).

India had missed out in participating at this the 15th World Philatelic Exhibition for Youth by failing to appoint a commissioner in a timely manner. The commissioners for all exhibitions in 2001 were appointed on March 5, 1999. The commissioners for the forthcoming exhibitions should be appointed soon after the announcement of the exhibition to avoid these kinds of unnecessary delays and missing the opportunity of participation. Even if there are any changes in dates or cancellation of an exhibition the commissioner can take care of all eventualities.

We had written to Shah in July 11, 2002 about ESPANA 2002 fiasco. We quote from Shah's reply of August 12, 2002, "Regarding ESPANA 2002, we did not receive any letter or request for the appointment of National commissioner or details of the exhibition. I had also made it clear during the Bhubaneswar meeting and had sent the letter of your nomination, based on your request. In the absence of any request or letter and information, how could I act or inform?"

His answer only exposes the fact that PCI is not tracking exhibitions that are as it is listed in the FIP magazine. This just reaffirms their behavior that rules are different for different people. The non-interest on part of PCI may have stemmed from the fact that no member of the jury was appointed from India for this exhibition otherwise these very same people just have to smell an exhibition and they are ready to distribute the goodies as favors to who ever they want to reward.

We fail to understand how can Sahoo blame DDG Philately for India's non-participation? Sahoo must remember that he has been responsible for India's non-participation in HAFNIA 2001 at Copenhagen, Denmark. He is also responsible for the consequence of the exhibits carried without the mandatory permit from the Archaeological Survey of India to PHILAKOREA 2002. He was informed of this fact in writing by express mail on July 11, 2002. So instead of blaming others he should seek answers within himself.

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