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Part 50, Issue # 109 - March 27, 2003

The philatelists in India have been talking about forming a new national federation for quite some time, worried by the non-action of those who have been at the helm of affairs of Philatelic Congress of India.

An active organization representing all segments in a transparent manner is the need of the hour. A national organization not only for coordinating the participation of Indian philatelists abroad as exhibitors, commissioners, jurors, and delegates but also to focus a lot more on significant work to be done with in India. The national organization needs to mobilize all necessary resources, active participation and networking with citizens, communities, educational institutions, voluntary organizations, government and non government agencies, and corporate houses to expand the awareness about stamp collecting.

It will be a good idea to follow the example of China in developing philately countrywide, keeping in mind the size of India as well as the number of small and large clubs/societies functioning here. The need is to bring all these organizations under one umbrella and to share skills and resources.

The national organization therefore should function in a decentralized manner to allow various constituents to carry on their activities with in the overall objectives of the national body and yet function independently with much greater freedom. To be complementing each others work rather than competing for the same share of the philatelists.

We invite you to share your views on this.

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