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Part 37, Issue # 96 - December 19, 2002

Jal Cooper was the most well known full time professional Indian Philatelist and auctioneer. He was also the author of several definitive and authentic books as well as publisher of standard catalogs of Indian stamps. He was also a futurologist and used to contribute a regular weekly column in a Gujarati newspaper from Mumbai, Jam-e-Jamshed. 

Inspired by him, once in a while, we also look in our crystal ball and we recently found that Friday the 13th is lucky for some and unlucky for others. 

Well number 13 on its own appears to be not so lucky for the Philatelic Congress of India:

Its Rules and Regulations have 13 sections. 

Dilip Shah is its 13th President-Elect and has been in the news for the wrong reasons. 

It was the 13th biennial elections at Mumbai in August that was challenged and the declaration of its results were stayed by the court's order. 

Dilip Shah, if he succeeds, shall also be the PCI's 13th President. 

The INPEX 2002 Exhibition was cancelled on Friday the 13th of December 2002.


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