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Part 36, Issue # 95 - December 12, 2002

Lots of friends have called and emailed us soon after they received their copies of the July-September 2002 issue of Signet, the official journal of PCI. This matter is now sub-judiced and we will therefore refrain from commenting on its contents.

We are yet to receive our copies of this issue of Signet (must be a postal delay?) that other members of PCI have received over 15 days ago. Is this the way PCI works? 

Our address change was communicated over 15 months ago to PCI but still the old address continues to appear on inside front cover under 'Governing Council of PCI 2000-2002' in all issues of Signet published since.

And on the same page the name of Vinod Dhamija as Deputy Director General (Philately) Department of Posts is carried. Is the Editor/Publisher not aware that Dhamija handed over his charge to Devika Kumar in February 2002 before proceeding on a long term UPU assignment outside India? Kumar has not consented to be a member of the Governing Council of PCI and Dhamija, we think, may be unaware that PCI is still continuing with his name.

This is not all; Director General of Army Postal Service is also mentioned on this very page. Believe it or not, there is no such designation in the Army Postal Service in India. The name of the currently serving Chief of Army Postal Service is also not known to PCI. The currently serving Chief is neither informed nor his/her consent obtained for becoming a member of the Governing Council of PCI.

PCI it seems does not want to keep itself apprised of the changes taking place around it. To mention just one example Brigadier Virk who retired as Director APS is described as Director General in the PCI's Memorandum of Association since 1976!

And last but not the least, K P Achar left Bangalore about 20 months ago but his Bangalore address is still carried on this same page. 

We are aware that there were lots of difficulties/differences in the running of the PCI. Yet the more we delve into the past the more we are made aware that these stem right from the day one and the misdeeds keep getting unraveled endlessly to, we are sure, everyone's amazement.


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