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Part 33, Issue # 92 - November 21, 2002

Dipok Dey of Kolkata, one of the Jury at the exhibition recently held at Gangtok, Sikkim says that the number of participants or quality of exhibits are not important here, what charmed me much is the inquisitiveness of the participants and the visitors. The visitors who visited on first day came again on the next day with new friends or relatives to make them acquainted with the world of Philately. I have never before seen such enthusiastic visitors in any exhibition. I also realized that India Post should also arrange to make the philatelic accessories available to collectors through its post offices.

I think that the 50 million plus Rupees India Post will spend on holding an international exhibition in 2004 shall yield much better return if the same is employed in organizing small exhibitions, workshops & seminars and to strengthen philatelic organizations in all districts. I fail to understand the logic of organizing an international without doing any basic work to promote philately. What is the fun of holding such a purposeless show? 

We have also in several of our issues highlighted the importance of promoting philately at the grass root level.


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