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Part 18, Issue # 75 - July 25, 2002  

We had long ago identified a malady and named it ?Dharamsala Syndrome?. It related so well to the philatelic scenario that it had been subject matter of several of our philatelic talks but finds mentions in print here for the very first time.

?Dharamsala? is a charitable institution more often than not attached to a religious institution such as a temple. It provides no-frills boarding and lodging to pilgrims, and others either free or on nominal charges. Such institutions are common also in several Asian countries including Japan and Korea.

We have observed a strange phenomenon in India. The persons who are on board of management of such institutions take their duties towards these very lightly and at the lowest priority possible. They do not feel any responsibility towards any one and show an absence of any professionalism whatsoever.  However when it comes to their individual vocations in life they have plenty of time, are focused, prepared and thoroughly professional. The malady only surfaces towards their duties in non-profit institutions.

Most officers of philatelic organizations in India are suffering from Dharamsala Syndrome. Now that we do know the patients, can you suggest some remedies?


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