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Part 10, Issue # 68 - June 6, 2002

In this segment this time we introduce you to Dipok Dey, an artist, a journalist, and a philatelist. As an artist he has designed stamps, postal and other stationery, packs, and posters for India Post since 1973. United Nations Postal Administration employs designers from all over the world and Dey is the first and so far the only Indian to design UN stamps.

As a journalist he is the editor of the ‘Stamp World’ an Indian philatelic periodical published by him since 1980 although at irregular intervals. However it is a ‘classy’ magazine that is not only high on content but also on quality of printing. For the first time multicolor visuals were used in Indian philatelic periodicals by him way back in 1980. In 1993 he launched the first Indian journal devoted exclusively to the emerging new philatelic discipline – Revenues, ‘The Indian Revenuer’ for Fiscal Philatelic Society of India.

As a philatelist he is the founder of Bharat Dak Tiket Sansthan that is an all India organization of philatelists. He played a major role in organizing INPEX 1993 and INDEPEX-ASIANA 2000, National and Asian philatelic exhibition respectively held at Kolakata.

At our request he has very kindly contributed in this issue, the first of many contributions, we are sure.

“I am very much delighted with your E-mail News Letters, many thanks for sending me the same. You put philatelic news and views in cyber communication system in a very interesting and descent style.

I am glad that you are trying your best to clean-up philatelic garbage. If you do require any help from me I am always ready to be of help to you, provided your action is for the promotion of philately, for the present and for our future generation, irrespective of any group.

While I read your E-mail magazine, I feel nostalgic. Some 20-25 years ago I was fighting alone against many philatelic stupidities. Some of the issues that were raised by me in earlier years, now all of you are steering similar problems. Criticism and suggestions are always helpful for the development of a person and society. I don’t have any personal enmity with any one, but only ideological differences. However the so-called top notch of Indian Philately has a history of reacting to any criticism in an improper and indecent manner because they are afraid of loosing their philatelic comforts and manipulation of prizes.

In fact these people contributed nothing for the development and promotion of Indian philately. What they did is nothing but a self-promotional marketing. Department of Posts is hundred percent responsible for the under developed state of Indian Philately, despite spending several hundred millions during last twenty years - the outcome is only ten to twenty persons that are promoted out of one billion people. Same People same collection in every exhibition. However you know the linkage between these people and the department better than me.

When I have emerged in Indian philatelic arena, some so called top philatelists wrote against me. Just because I had criticized INDIA-80 world philatelic exhibition and raised several questions including to ban Colour trials, Essays, Proofs and to take cognizance of philatelic material under Indian Antiquity Act. Finally the Government of India accepts both.

These people questioned my knowledge about philately. I responded by participating in International Exhibition in Taiwan with Technology of Stamp Printing. Mr. Jatia told me your collection should get above Large Silver, but Indian Jury will not give it.

I am not going to discuss who are selecting the Jury or trainee jury. One example to illustrate what the jurors are: In INPEX-93 two thematic exhibits were awarded Gold. I asked Jatia to make me understand how these exhibits got the Gold, as there were copious mistakes. He replied, "Dada (used affectionately for elder brother in Bengali) you know I am a Classic Collector, I have not seen the exhibit better you ask that person" and when I asked that person he replied you know dada I am a Stationery collector, better you ask that person. I had asked all the Jurors, none of them had seen those exhibits, but these exhibits got Gold. Only one Jury replied- these exhibits got Large Silver in pervious exhibition that’s why we awarded Gold this time. Should that be the criterion?

Furthermore, at INPEX-93 in the December chilly cold winter one of the Jurors asked for a cold drink, but unfortunately at that moment there were no cold drinks but hot beverages like tea and coffee etc. and he made a melodramatic scene there. And another Jury asked money for his shoe polishing and shaving.”

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