Stamp Designs by Bal Thackeray

Bal Keshav Thackeray, popularly known as Balasaheb died on November 17, 2012 at his residence in Mumbai. Although he founded a political party Shiv Sena, he always described himself as a political cartoonist and not a politician.

In 1954 Thackeray created 6 cartoon as tentative designs for Stamp Centenary Commemorative issues. He was already well known as cartoonist and was working with Free Press Journal in Bombay.
There is 1 design for airmail and one for official (service) stamp, showing the Thackeray's knowledge about postage stamps.

Here we present the designs along with comments from Jal Cooper!

The Auditor General of India has brought
to the notice of the public scores of instances where public funds are squandered or misapropriated by high officials of the Government of India; such instances have now piled up so high as to become "a mountain of scandal".

This shows India's two roving emissaries, Shri Krishna Menon and Shrimati Vijayalakshmi Pandit flying to every nook and corner of the world inthe cause of world peace.

Recently Pandir Nehru asked all to renounce rest and work unitedly for the welfare of Indian masses; the parrot echoes Mr Nehru's war cry with a twist of its own!

Mr Jagjivan Ram , the Communications Minister takes shelter in the clouds to escape the deluge (10 inches in 28 hours) poured on by Nature on the opening day of "Indipex" and thus save his First Day Cover of the Stamp Centenary Stamps.

Mr Nehru has always dreamed of making India a great country; al true Indians should not only support him in his dream but help him to realise it in his life time. Who knows Mr Nehru's present foreign poliy may eventually make India " Fourth Great Power" in the world, as the artist dreams it!

This last design very ably shows the most wretched existence the man-in-the-street is asked to pass in the India of today. At present there is a mania among the various State Minsteres all over India to regulate the life of an ordinary Indina citizen, by enacting irksome laws viz. don't drink, don't remain out after 11 pm, don't gmble, and don't kisss (in public)!