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Part 78, Issue # 187 – September 23, 2004

Most of the philatelists from the world over that we had met during World Stamp Championship and FIP Congress at Singapore recently asked us what is the way out from the present mess that PCI finds itself in.

We had a ready answer to that; we showed them the draft of a joint application to the Hon’ble court on which we have endlessly been awaiting the response from PCI.

Although we were always open to talk and resolve the matters, the PCI was not. And it was only on the orders of Jitendra Mishra, Civil Judge, Delhi that a meet for talks was possible after two years and accordingly we met on March 12 & 13, April 16, 17, & 18, 2004 at New Delhi. The talks were later continued over telephone and also at meetings in Ahmedabad after the Annual General Meeting of the PCI on August 8, 2004.

We have been asking for an immediate freeze on hostile activities. We have also been emphasizing on Confidence Building Measures. While PCI did not concede on these, they utilized this opportunity by merrily spreading the word around that the talks are on and the resolution is imminent.

All along we have found that we are up against persons who have no respect for democratic norms, laws of land, and decency in human interaction. For them the end justifies the means. We feel that at no point of time they were serious in resolving anything. They want to maintain status quo at all costs. They have been carrying on their activities in an unauthorized, invalid and illegal manner for far too long and are still unwilling and resisting the change all around them. The message that came across was that in case the petty personal interests of these persons are not protected they have no interest in Indian philately and philatelists. Philately for most of these persons is not a hobby but a carrier and a source of livelihood.

Following is the draft of the joint application that was proposed by us.
1. The elections for the PCI Governing Council held on August 25, 2002 at Mumbai stand cancelled.

2. The fresh elections shall be held at a suitable venue within the National Capital Territory of Delhi in a transparent manner only after suitably amending the Memorandum of Association and the Rules & Regulations as well as after establishing necessary new regulations and procedures required for efficient working.

3. All the issues raised by the plaintiff shall be discussed and appropriate action shall be taken in a time bound manner.

4. The records of the Defendant Society shall immediately be made freely accessible to the membership.

5. The management of the affairs of the Defendant Society for the interim period till the newly elected Governing Council takes charge shall be under an Adhoc Committee having equal representatives of the Plaintiff and the Defendant. The representative of India Post or nominees of the Government of India may also be appointed by the approval of the Hon’ble Court to the Adhoc Committee.

6. A Court Observer shall supervise all the meetings during the interim period.

7. The permanent Registered Office shall immediately be restored within the National Capital Territory of Delhi and shall house all the records of the PCI.

8. A white paper on the unlawful and or undemocratic activities of the few officers of the PCI will be brought out, responsibility shall be fixed, and appropriate actions will be taken. To motivate persons to come clean and to put an end to wrong practices, a general amnesty may be considered.

9. The Defendant Society shall reimburse the legal costs to the Plaintiff.

10. Hon’ble Court shall be requested to suspend the proceedings in this suit for one year to implement the above.


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