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Part 77, Issue # 186 – September 16, 2004

In this column when we write about criminal activities such as smuggling antiquities, we have so far written about persons in their 50’s and 60’s. We have always been optimistic about younger generation.

However we were recently shocked to see an Indian exhibit at World Stamp Championship that included antiquities and were carried from India to Singapore by the exhibitor’s father without mandatory permit from the Archaeological Survey of India. This person in his wisdom (?) chose not to inform about the inclusion of antiquities in his son’s exhibit to the national commissioner for India.

To add insult to injury, he was also found telling other participants of World Stamp Championship who had antiquities in their exhibits and for whom permit was obtained by the national commissioner from the Archaeological Survey of India, about his ‘smartness’ and urging them to follow his example!

To this person, who has been a commissioner, jury, and a PCI governing council member, we have nothing to say as we consider him beyond salvage but we do pray that his son grows up to be a law abiding citizen and a good human being.

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