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Part 76, Issue # 185 – September 9, 2004

A R Singhee, M G Pittie and Dilip Shah have been exercising illegal control on the Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) for personal benefits since the demise of D N Jatia in 2000.

We have repeatedly and successfully shown in all forums available to us that these persons have no respect for the laws of land and they violate these time and again with impunity.

Vispi Dastur, a Chartered Accountant and former Special Executive Magistrate of Mumbai committed contempt of court by continuing as juror at the World Stamp Championship Singapore 2004. Dastur dared to go against the orders of the court dated August 7, 2004 that was also published in Issue # 181 of August 12, 2004. Dastur’s appointment as jury to Singapore 2004 itself was illegal, without authority and its ratification was stayed by the court.

The court order sited above also stayed the ratification of the nomination of Dilip Shah as candidate for the election as the Bureau Member of FIP Commission for Fight Against Forgeries. The nomination of Shah on behalf of PCI was not only illegal and unauthorized but also funny. We wrote about it in Part 71 of this column in Issue #165 of April 22, 2004. Shah’s nomination was not withdrawn in the light of the court order and at the meeting of the Commission at Singapore on August 31, 2004, M G Pittie as the delegate of the PCI attended and voted. Consequently Shah was declared elected as a Bureau Member of the Commission.

M G Pittie is one of the Vice President of Inter Asia Philatelic Federation as a nominee of PCI. Pittie occupied a seat at the dice during the PCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) on August 8, 2004 at Ahmedabad. After being forced, he did confess at the AGM his unwarranted, unauthorized and illegal appointment of India’s national commissioner to Hong Kong 2004 without even informing the PCI President or any other member of the Governing council except his Sister-in-Law and fellow juror at Hong Kong 2004. However the AGM did not even discuss his role/s at the forthcoming Congress of the International Philatelic Federation (FIP). Pittie eventually not only attended FIP Congress but also attended several FIP Commission meetings and voted as PCI delegate!

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