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Part 75, Issue # 180 – August 5, 2004

We were shocked to see the following in the issue #88 of the ‘Flash’ published by the International Philatelic Federation (FIP):
“Please note for future correspondence the new address: Mr. Sahadeva Sahoo, President PCI, D-3, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar”.

The million dollar question is that how did FIP ascertain the correctness or otherwise of the request for change of the address as well as the status of Sahoo as the President of PCI? Especially so as the FIP Board was informed of ongoing litigation challenging the very existence of PCI as a legal entity on many occasions since August 2002.

The elections of the Philatelic Congress of India were held at Mumbai under the supervision of a Court Observer on August 25, 2002. The declaration of results was stayed by a court order. However Dilip Shah took over charge of the Office of the President from Sahadeva Sahoo. We had pointed out that he can’t do so till “subsequent meeting” as stipulated in the PCI rules & regulations.

Shah even had his letterheads with new designation printed in advance and started signing away as President while still holding the charge of the office of the Secretary General.

Immediately after the elections, Sahoo described himself as Immediate Past President. He must have written in that capacity to India Post as we have evidence of India Post addressing to him as Immediate Past President.

The quarterly journal of the PCI – Signet, Vol. 25 # 2 (July-sep 2002) published after the elections also record that the Shah is the President. Signet is edited, printed, published, and mailed by Sahoo and he has stated his designation in the PCI as Immediate Past President in the “Statement of Ownership” as required to be published under the Registration of Newspaper laws in 2003 and 2004.

Suddenly Sahoo has once again become the President of PCI, how? And how can PCI keeps on changing presidents every two years in spite of the Court has stayed declaration of results of elections?

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