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Part 66, Issue # 154 - February 5, 2004

M G Pittie did it again! He once again flouted all norms and rules that are applicable to all except him and his friends! Pittie holds no office in the Philatelic Congress of India yet appointed Subrata Chakrabarti as national commissioner from India in January 2004. Bulletin 1 of the Hong Kong 2004 17th Asian International Philatelic Exhibition was published in November 2002 and the last date for acceptance of entry forms was April 15, 2003 for everyone else.

We had reported in Issue # 140 of October 30, 2003 that "There appears to be no national commissioner appointed by the Philatelic Congress of India and no participation in the competition class from India". This was later confirmed by the communication received from the Secretary General of Hong Kong 2004 and also reflected in Bulletin 2 that was published in November 2003.

The quality of the 11 exhibits and the means adopted in participating along with repeated gross violations of the laws of the land we are sure would lower the heads in shame of all law abiding Indian philatelists.

Chakrabarti did not obtain the necessary certificate/permission/NOC from the Department of Posts, Department of Culture, Reserve Bank of India, Archaeological Survey of India and Indian Customs for the exhibits and smuggled these out of the country.

M G Pittie, in traditions befitting under-developed countries of the third world, is a permanent member of the jury at all Asian Internationals. This time he 'managed' to take along his sister-in-law, Damyanti Pittie, also as jury.

Can any one or FIAP enlighten all of us as to -
When did FIAP receive the appointment of Subrata Chakrabarti and under whose authority was this appointment made?
Why FIAP accepted Subrata Chakrabarti as India's national commissioner at the last minute?
Why FIAP accepted entries 9 months after the due date?
Why FIAP accepted entries that were not qualified?
Who appointed the Pitties as jurors and when?
What role if any the national associations play in either nominating or consenting jurors from their country?
Does the Hong Kong Postal Administration that funded the show know the truth about this?

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