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Part 24, Issue # 83 - September 19, 2002

Our recent visit to Jaipur was so much fun that we ended up extending the short visit to all four days of the exhibition. It was very hearting and gratifying to watch the enthusiasm of the organizers, participants, and above all the visitors. Add good media management to this quality product and you have a successful SCHOOLPEX.

It is a fine example of a seamlessly joint operation by a team of individuals from the philatelic organization and India Post. This is a good sign and they must be doing something right to have been doing it for seven years now. It also made us wonder why more and more individuals either side of post office counter are not joining hands to organize more events like this to popularize the hobby. 

The successful SCHOOLPEX was an example of what determined efforts of a few dedicated persons whether philatelists or postal officers, can achieve. It is activities like these that would help build up the large numbers of entry-level collectors that are required to sustain the hobby. In our humble opinion activities like these are a must for the very existence and survival of philately in India. Like we mentioned in our previous issue, China also made a beginning in a similar manner.

So here is wishing all the best to all those who want to come forward to make a similar effort. May we say that if any help is required from us we would be happy to extend it.

We would be traveling to Ahmedabad and Pune in early October in search of more such experiences where exhibitions once again will show the perfect blend of postal officers and philatelists working towards a common goal.


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