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Part 16, Issue # 73 - July 11, 2002  

The veteran philatelist and Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) Governing Council Member from Delhi Brahm Mehta wrote to PCI President, Sahadeva Sahoo on July 9, 2002 with reference to the letter sent by Deputy Director General - Philately, Department of Posts (DOP) to Shakil Ahmed about INPEX 2002 that was reported in our issue # 70. Given below are some excerpts from his letter a copy of which was given to us.

"I was shocked to read it. Since no reason had been mentioned, I wonder how DOP can do so on a complaint from an individual when all the formalities have been taken care of and approved with the Departmental Officers being at the helm of the Organizing Committee.

It is not clear why this drastic action when from INPEX 2002 gainer would be the DOP. After all you are doing this for promotion of philately and for your personal gains. To stop the INPEX 2002 at this stage will make PCI a laughing stock in the eyes of the collectors.

I feel you must have been informed all about it before the letter went to Mr. Shakil Ahmed. As President PCI, you should have informed the members of the Governing Council. It is not too late, kindly call an emergency meeting of the members of the Governing Council in Delhi and discuss all the objections of the DOP. Since we have to work together with the DOP for promotion of philately, there should not be much hindrance in removing the objections.

During INDEPEX 97 (world philatelic exhibition), name of Brigadier D S Virk - Ex Officer of the DOP was downgraded and that of Brahm Mehta was removed from the Organizing Committee. PCI didn't resist at that time. If there is such a situation, we should agree to it. Thereafter we can put up the case back to DOP for their final approval. 

Since this is more important, elections of PCI can be postponed to early 2003. For promotion of philately we will have to sacrifice our personal interests over national interests. 

My view is that we must hold INPEX 2002 with active support of the DOP as we had been doing since INDIA 80." (For the information of our readers and Mehta, PCI has been collaborating with DOP since Asiana 77)

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