Army Postal Service Issues 2004

The Army Postal Service while being a part of the Army as a Corps also functions as a postal circle of India Post and issues special cover with special postmarks accompanied with informative brochure on forces related occasions. The civilians may order these issues through nearest philatelic bureau.

The Service issued its first cover in 1954 as the First Day Cover of the stamps overprinted for Indian Forces in Indochina and in 2004 completed 50 years of issuing covers.

The information in the listing is presented in following format:
Date, Occasion (All postmarks are from ‘56 APO’ except noted other wise)

Jan 03:

Brigadier D S Virk, Founder of Army Postal Service Corps

Feb 13:

Punjab Regiment, 9th Reunion & Color Presentation

Feb 20:

Sikh Regiment, 11th Post-War Reunion (Sub Surinder Singh, Ashok Chakra)

Feb 27:

13th Batalion, Garhwal Rifles, Silver Jubilee

Mar 27:

104 Helicopter Squadron, Golden Jubilee

Mar 29:

Philatelic Exhibition

Apr 23:

The Garhwal Rifles,
12th Reunion

May 11:

34 Medium Regiment (Cassino–II), Diamond Jubilee

Jul 01:

7th Battalion The 8th Gorkha Rifles, 25 years

Jul 14:

Indian Aviation Contingent, MONUC - UN Peace Keeping Forces in Congo

Sep 08:

World Military Dental Congress, New Delhi

Sep 16:

Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry, 3rd Regimental Reunion

Oct 02:

11th Battalion Marartha Light Infantry, Silver Jubilee

Oct 17:

Corps of Military Police,
6th Reunion

Oct 21:

19 Kumaon Battalion,
Silver Jubilee

Oct 23:

8th Light Cavalry Regiment, Reunion

Nov 01:

Aircrew Examining Board, Standard Presentation by the President of India

Nov 01:

1 Base Repair Depot (Air force), Color Presentation by the President of India

Nov 11:

2(I) Armored Brigade,

Nov 19:

The Dogra Regiment,
13th Reunion

Nov 23:


Corps of Electronics & Mechanical Engineers, Colors Presentation & 8th Reunion

Nov 25:


The Rajputana Rifles,
13th Reunion

Nov 25:


17th Battalion of the Dogra Regiment, Silver Jubilee

Dec 03:


87 Armoured Regiment
Silver Jubilee

Dec 06:


66 Armoured Regiment Standard Presentation

Dec 12:


The Brigade of the Guards
8th Reunion

Dec 15:


90 Armoured Regiment
Silver Jubilee


27 Covers in 2004

Army Postal Service Issues

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