Stamps of India Group on WhatsApp

Rules for Stamps of India Group
1. The scope of this Group is for news, views, buying and selling of philatelic issues mainly of India and India related.
2. Kindly note that no postings of any kind are allowed between 11pm and 7am except notifications by the Admin.
3. Please use decent language and stick to facts.
4. The Listings can be posted in the group between 7am and 8pm
5. The limit is 5 listings per Seller per day with a maximum of 2 images per listing
6. All Buy Now Listings end at 8pm if not sold out earlier, and All Auction Listings end between 8 and 10pm, on the same day.
7. The Sellers are responsible for declaring the winner soon after their listing ends and advise thru Private Messages (PM) the payment due details. The Sellers should also advise the estimated delivery time after getting paid.
8. The Listing should be in the following format:
Seller Code (2 letters alphabetical no numbers), Item Code (3 digit numerical no alphabets), Item Description, Listing type (Buy Now or Auction), Fixed or Start Price (FP or SP), Shipping Charges, Listing End Time
A Model Listing:
MJ001 India 1986 Max Card Swami Sivananda, Auction, SP Rs 500, Post Free, 8pm
9. The Buyers bid by stating Seller and Item codes with the amount of Bid. The bids in PM to Seller are not allowed. A Model Bid: MJ001 550
10. The Listings / Bids without or incorrect code are considered invalid.
11. A seller/buyer cannot withdraw a listing/bid once made, so be careful while posting.
12. The Minimum Bid Increments are:
Up to Rs 500 – Rs 50;
Between Rs 501 and 5,000 – Rs 100;
Between Rs 5,001 and 10,000 – Rs 200;
Rs 10,001 onwards – Rs 500
13. In case a Buyer places two or more bids, then the highest amount will be considered as the final bid amount.
14. The Listings without images may be repeated after 11am and after 4pm
15. The Sellers agree to comply with the applicable laws of land and these rules when listing and are responsible for the accuracy, content and legality of the item/s listed.
16. There are no charges of any kind payable on either sales or purchases as the Admin provides this platform and the services in an honorary capacity.
17. The Admin provides a platform for third-party sellers and buyers to negotiate and complete transactions and is not involved in the actual transaction between the Sellers and the Buyers.
18. The decision of the Admin will be final in all respects in case of any dispute.
19. The Admin may amend, change and modify these rules as and when required.
20. The violations of these rules may result in removal from the Group.
With effect from September 5, 2015


A clarification regarding end time
As an example if an item ends at 8pm then 8pm means 8pm and not 7.59pm.
Bids coming in at and after 8.01pm will be invalid.